What is SureStone?
SureStone flooring is comprised of natural Australian stone encased in a clear resin, providing an attractive, durable and seamless internal flooring system.

On to what type of surface can SureStone be installed?
SureStone is suitable for installation both internally and externally to most existing flooring substrates. Concrete surfaces will need to be suitably prepared and primed before application and installation can be undertaken to timber and compressed flooring after the placement of cement sheet underlay.

Can SureStone be applied over tiles?
Yes, with the correct preparation and priming SureStone can be installed over most sound tiled surfaces.

How is SureStone applied?
SureStone is a trowel applied finish which encompasses the combination of a liquid resin and graded aggregates. Dependent upon the flooring finish required and following correct preparation most SureStone carpet installations can be completed within a day or two.

How long does this take to dry?
Drying or curing, as it is known, is dependent upon the temperature. Usually the SureStone flooring matrix will be tack free after 12 hours and safe to walk on the following day.

Are there fumes or odours?
There are no harmful fumes a minor resin odour may be detectable during the installation process this will dissipate upon curing.

Is SureStone a green building product?
SureStone flooring contains no solvents and its Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content meets the following Green Building Council of Australia specification requirements.

•Green Star Office Design V2 IEQ‐13
•Green Star Office Interiors V1.1 IEQ‐11
•Green Star Office Design V3 IEQ‐13

Where can I use SureStone flooring?
SureStone flooring is a designer floor suitable for domestic and commercial application. The versatility of design and performance makes SureStone suitable for any room in the home, office or retail environment.

Can I use SureStone in wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets?
Yes SureStone is available in a fully sealed and impervious finish dependent upon functionality and client preference.

How do you clean SureStone flooring?
SureStone flooring is extremely stain resistant and impervious to most household and commercial spills. SureStone carpet flooring can be quickly and easily maintained by day to day vacuuming and utilising a wet/dry vacuum for spills is recommend.  Alternatively in wet areas the fully sealed surface variant can be mopped and washed in the same manner as a tiled surface.

Can you supply for small jobs?
Yes, SureStone is available in pre packaged kits designed for application to 6 m2 per kit.

Can I purchase these kits for DIY application?
Yes, SureStone is available for the DIY market however we strongly recommend that the installer have some degree of knowledge and skill in the area of trowel applied surfaces.

How much does it cost?
Total cost will vary dependent on size area, the flooring design, and what preparation works are involved, however we are happy to provide you with a free measure and quote.

What warranty is offered on this flooring?
Subject to our standard terms and conditions Internal SureStone flooring is supported by a 15 year domestic internal use product warranty.

Can SureStone be installed externally?
Yes, dependent upon the proposed site SureStone can be installed externally to driveways, verandas and pathways. However, it is important to note that like all external coatings & paving the surfacing will weather and in turn over time such weathering may result in a reduced level of gloss and a variance of overall colour and hue.

Can SureStone be used externally as a porous paving solution?
Yes, SureStone is available in larger aggregate sizing for external porous paving applications.

Do I need a concrete base for outside application?
Not necessarily.  SureStone can be installed with a design format that provides for a porous driveway or pathway installation that is compliant with many current  council building requirements thus eliminating the need for a concrete sub base.

Can it be applied to vertical surfaces render?
No, at present  SureStone is not available in a render version for all wall and facade applications.

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