Internal Flooring

SureStone holds the temperature of the room and is suitable for use with most sub-floor heating systems. With a soft massage underfoot, the smooth textured surface will make a lasting impression in any room of your home.

The low allergy composition and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, make SureStone carpet the ideal choice for all wet areas. Impervious to most household spills, the stain resistant surface is easily maintained to ensure a long wearing finish for many years.

Available in open and sealed textured finishes tailored to meet functionality and client preference, SureStone flooring is the ultimate seamless floor for domestic , commercial and retail application.

The particular benefits of SureStone include:-

  • Australian Made and Produced
  • Generally ready for use within 24 hrs
  • Suitable for installation on most existing floors
  • Long lasting & hard wearing
  • Seamless and stain resistant
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Energy efficient
  • Product Warranty

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