Floor Maintenance

Immediately after installation it is important that for the first 7 days that the floor is not washed. This will ensure that the encapsulating resin and sealers are allowed to completely cure and become resistant to staining and wear.

Generally speaking, the open texture SureStone carpet should not be mopped with excessive water and the overall finish is simply maintained by the use of a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.   Alternatively the SureStone sealed texture finish which is used commonly for wet areas provides an impervious surface finish that may be swept, vacuumed and mopped as is necessary to maintain a clean and hygienic floor.

Regular Open Texture Maintenance Procedures

SureStone open texture carpet is easily maintained by use of a good quality vacuum cleaner which will simply and easily remove all dust and debris from the floor.

In the event of liquid spills the spill should be immediately cleaned using an absorbent sponge or cloth or alternatively may be vacuumed up utilising a suitable wet vacuum cleaner. Once the majority of the spill has been initially cleaned residue may be sponged with warm water and in turn excessive water removed by wet vacuum.

Spot cleaning of ground in dirt or debris can be simply undertaken by the application of a mild alkaline cleaner followed by a gentle agitation with a mop or brush. Extraction of the dirty solution should then be undertaken with an appropriate wet vacuum cleaner

Periodic Open Texture Maintenance Procedures

As with normal carpets periodic professional cleaning is important to ensure appearance and functionality. Accordingly we recommend that the SureStone carpet be professionally cleaned by SureStone trained and accredited personnel at periodic intervals subject to soiling as determined by the owner.

In residential environments annual warm water extraction cleaning is suggested. In commercial or retail environments it is suggested that periodic warm water extraction be programmed every 6 months subject to soiling.

Warm water extraction should be undertaken by professional accredited SureStone cleaning operators utilising a turbo hybrid clean and capture system and ensuring that:-

• a maximum working pressure of no more than 1000 psi
• if necessary a an alkaline chemical (no higher than 11 ph) is used
• no volatile solvents are applied to the surface

Periodic Re Sealing of SureStone

Generally SureStone flooring, whether the open or sealed texture finish, will not need resealing over the design life however dependent on the level of trafficking the exposed surface of the SureStone may over time demonstrate a propensity to become dull in the high traffic areas.

This is perfectly normal with any flooring high traffic zone however the appearance of SureStone is quickly and easily restored by resealing the surface.

  1. Remove any furniture from the effected area
  2. Thoroughly vacuum the floor area and ensure the surface is clear of all surface debris.
  3. Have the floor professionally cleaned and allow the flooring to fully dry.
  4. Have an accredited contractor apply a single coat of SureStone sealer utilising a lamb wool  roller cover (available from most good hardware stores). Ensure that the application is even and consistent avoid bubbles, puddles and ensure the surface is not flooded with the product.
  5. Allow 24 hours for the surface to dry. Do not walk on the surface until tack free and do not wash the surface for at least a further 48 hours.

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